Wednesday, September 26, 2012

getting serious.

Well..things are finally getting serious around here. With our Caribbean cruise just over 100 days away. It was time...I got a gym membership. I always told myself I wouldn't be that girl, for so many reasons.

1. I didn't need a fancy place to work out.
2. Running and working out on your own was fun enough.
3. I could achieve the same results without one.
4. It was an additional cost per month that we didn't need.
5. Our apartment complexes is nice enough.

The list could go on. Honestly, I still probably would have gone without one if Paul didn't need me as a carpool buddy Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursday. Traffic is ruh-diculous anytime after 3pm in Orange County and with Paul's classes all in the late afternoon/evening, we decided that a spouse gym membership would be great for me because I could go work out while Paul is in class. Now I ask myself, "gym where have you been all my life?" or more specifically, "yoga where have you been all my life?!" Yes yoga. Something I was also skeptical about.

That's another great thing about my membership on campus, I can do any drop-in classes that they offer. Yoga, pilates, hip hop, zumba, etc. After the first night of Yoga I was hooked! Next thing I know I'm at TJ-Maxx buying pants, new sports bras, a yoga mat! It's such a great workout, and really is helping my flexibility. I would now recommend a gym membership to everyone, it really does keep you motivated and allows for so much more versatility. Caribbean here I come!

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