Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Here and there.



1. Pinterest inspired waterfall braid courtesy of my sister Lauren. The girl has mad skills, anything I want on my hair board and she'll do it!
2. The discovery of the headband continues..
3. I also discovered I can make a mean twice baked potato, courtesy of my mother in laws recipe..
4. Hi/low tanks from BP are amazing, especially during this weird California heat wave! 

I'm also really missing this girl, fresh in college and doing big things in life :) Next weekend will be weird when we go home to visit and she isn't there. Since I'm talking like this, you'd think you was going to school across the country, no..she is a brief 40 minutes away from our home. Still, change always throws me for a loop. 2 weeks ago we had fun visiting with her and strolling in downtown Pasadena with our iced coffee, talking about life and whatever else. I'm not gonna lie there were a few tears but I'm so happy with where she is!! College will be so good to her :)


  1. great photos and i'm definitely trying the waterfall braid soon! like this morning, ha! :)

  2. That braid is so cute! It looks great!