Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New project {crate coffee table}

As I've mentioned many times, 90% of our apartment is furnished thanks to IKEA. It's cheap, it looks decent, and it's 3 miles away from us. All reasons why we chose to shop there when we furnished our first and second apartments together. Most of it has held up but Paul noticed last week that our $40 coffee table (why I love you IKEA) has seen better days.. Perfect timing because I JUST had seen a cool DIY project on Pinterest that week!

The caption said "Crates from Michael's, stain or paint. How cool is this??" First off. Michael's doesn't carry these. BUT Home Depot does! (Online purchase only). We found some HERE for $12 a piece + free delivery. 
We decided that adding wheels to the bottom would be fun, plus it would give the table a little more height. Home Depot came thru again with these modern looking steel wheels! Just $4 a piece which you can find in stores.

Giving it more of a modern look I think will fit out home style a little more so we are thinking of going for a lighter stain or even some fun paint, we can't wait to get started on this project together! I also love that this table offers storage space on the sides. Just ordered the crates yesterday so once they arrive we will get DIY-ing :) I'll be blogging our progress! Happy Wednesday

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  1. cute! I love homemade unique pieces. This looks fun to put together!