Thursday, July 5, 2012

no babes here.

I talk about this topic a lot, so here we go again...

After getting married I learned that having "big news" opened a whole new form of interpretation (keeping interpretation singular) for friends and family...

Before marriage "big news" = an A on an exam, getting the new T-swift CD, an upcoming vacation, a surprise of any sort, latest gossip, getting tickets to a concert....the possibilities were endless.

After marriage "big news" = baby, prego, bun in the oven, with child, I'm having a baby... any other way to say. 

Paul and I are currently loving where we are in our marriage/life right now. Just the two of us is plenty at the moment. Recently while driving, I heard Snookie (prime example) and her current roommate on the radio being interviewed. In the interview the host asked Snookie's roommate if seeing her friend pregnant made her want a child more or less. She replied, "I'm just enjoying life and want to continue living selfishly." As horrible as that sounds, I let out an "amen!!"

 Becoming a mom is one of the most selfless decisions an individual can make. Giving up all of their selfish desires daily and for the rest of their life for that kid. Mom's are truly amazing and I respect them so much. Just as Snookie's roommate put it, Paul and I too are enjoying living our lives selfishly. "Selfishly" meaning, having one another to ourselves, sleeping in, making spontaneous decisions with limited commitments, alone time, vacations, financial freedom. All things that we know would be altered once a little one becomes a part of our lives.

I know that at some point our baby fever switch will turn on or if God decided to surprise us with a little one we would be overjoyed with the blessing. But in the next few years (4 or 5 if I have it my way) the Gilsters won't be planning for any little Gillys anytime soon! :)

Here's to continuing a life of spontaneity!

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