Sunday, July 8, 2012

my google history.

I can confidently say that I use google everyday, no exagerration. It's a great tool and it has helped me become quite the little researcher ;-) Below is my 10 most recent google searches in my history and my reasoning for each.

1. How to start a letter of recommendation - We had a past intern ask us if we would write one for her and honestly I had no idea what I was doing. Twenty-three and writing a letter of rec? There has gotta be an age limit on these things.

2. SOAP BOX - the name of the company our intern is applying for. I did my need to worry.

3. Showcase DJ - We worked with an awesome DJ at last nights wedding, I wanted to friend him on fb.

4. Hipster wedding videographer - google analytics says that people are finding us by searching those exact words. Turns out it works. awesome.

5. Sister wives religion - Just got into the show, had to double check, my initial guess was correct.

6. The Langham hotel wedding - Doing some research the night before shooting a wedding there.

7. Nixon - doing some shopping with Paul

8. Travel Zoo - I have some serious vacation fever. Take me to some white sandy beaches!!

9. Southwest - We booked a flight for a wedding in Northern California next month :)

10. My drunk kitchen - no explanation here. Google it for yourself and watch. You're welcome.

yesterdays wedding was basically at a fortress of awesomeness in case you were wondering


  1. my drunk kitchen is by far my favorite way to pass the time. She has the best mimosa recipe. I think your mother would agree :)