Thursday, July 5, 2012

date night/start of summer.

Although it's gloomy, chilly, and feeling a bit like November here in Costa Mesa today, I'm so excited for the start of summer! For Paul and I, it's just beginning to feel that way because of our new little item. A barbecue! This little guy is our ticket to fame as husband/wife BBQ pit masters. Not really..but have you watched that show? Givin' me some serious BBQ envy, "someone get me a brisket STAT!"

Paul has been dying to get one since we first moved. So July 3rd, (probably the worst day of the year to go barbecue shopping) at 9:00pm, we made a trip to home depot and this guy was ours for a mere $99. Now all we need to the break this guy in with some parties!

Because summer also means the busiest time of year for us that can't stop us, we love us some summer date nights topped with friends, mexican food, and 95% of the time a late night coffee.

He did his hair, I curled mine. Needless to say, we were fancy. For anyone looking for a new curling iron. I swear by my new Fahrenheit 2" iron. It's amazeballs (yep.) It gets up to 450 degrees! Even though I haven't put my hair thru that much intensity, a girl likes her options.

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