Friday, March 30, 2012

life in the fast lane.

Man 'o man, life on the blog has been slow lately, meaning life in the real world has been fast. I feel like I didn't even get a chance to breath last week with 3 shoots on our calendar + mix in a weekend home in San Diego. The Gilsters have been go, go, go! Today was the first day in 2 weeks Paul and I could sleep in knowing we had no meetings planned, no errands to run, and nowhere to be other than a date till 10am with our pillows. Feeling so blessed to have shoots on the calendar in the off-season, but all I can focus on this week is how we're going to celebrate this guy's 24th birthday this weekend! woohoo.

Paul's attire:

Shirt: H&M
Tie: Urban Outfitters
Pants: H&M

In the meantime..this has been our life according to iPhone images.
having fun on the job.

Paul and his husky envy. :)

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