Monday, March 19, 2012

corned beef for days.

Oh Monday, you came too fast. I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patrick's weekend. We kept it low key this year, stayed in and made 2 corned beef and cabbage feasts! No wonder I felt like sleeping all day today... Saturday, mom and brother came up to visit and indulge in our corned beef feast #1. It was so good to see them, especially little brother, he is away at school in Iowa, *sigh*, but coming home to go to school here in California after this semester! :) The four of us caught up while window shopping in a partial food coma.

Now I can happily live off of corned beef sandwiches for a week while preparing for this insanely busy week. 2 promo videos and 1 wedding, a 50k wedding for 50 guests. I know right? iPhone pictures will be taken to share. In the meantime, a good friends little sis got engaged this weekend and I'm drooling over her ice. 5 year anniversary Paul? Let's keep things fresh.. ;-)

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