Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Work week.

After our back to back wedding extravaganza..I was never so thrilled to see Monday come along :) Monday - Wednesday is technically my weekend, but not. It's still a busy month for the 618ers. And since Paul is well into his fall semester he is laying off the editing part of work right now and mainly focusing on homework. Yuck. I'm so happy to never have homework again, {insert post grad victory dance here}!!

Backtracking a little...I'm totally keeping up with my daily to do list. I can almost jog around the block without walking, hey let's just say it's been awhile and it's a large block. On Thursday I even curled and styled my hair, only to have Paul come home from class, walk in the door, sniff and say, "Hair spray? What's the occasion?" Told ya. 

We may have some exciting news to share tomorrow! I don't want to jinx it though..and let me give you a hint. No one's pregnant. So let's just get that right out there. But Paul legitimately thought so when I was texting him things today like, "I have crazy news." and "You are going to freak!" He basically came home asking if I was with child. Oops. 

Here are some images I iPhone snapped at Saturday's wedding! Maybe some inspiration to future brides out there?

Pin wheel arch, succulent backdrop, front row couches. Perfect.

Bride HANDMADE these!! 

Bowtie escort cards..so envious of her DIY details. 

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