Wednesday, September 21, 2011

falling into fall.

This takes the prize for the worst, best title I have ever come up with. Hey it's been a long know how much energy watching Teen Mom takes out of you? Paul and I live the amish life with no television, I mean we have a TV but no cable, satellite, nothing. We watch movies and watch whatever full length episodes we can find streaming the internet. Rough life, I know. But really, Teen into it right now. Judge away my friends, I can only hope my life never becomes that white trash..although today I purchased frozen tater tots and the more I see them sitting there in my freezer the more white trash I feel. It happens to the best of us, tater tots seemed like a good idea while I was grocery shopping in Target while starving today. 

Earlier this week, I wrote about some potential good news. was regarding a condo that we had looked at a couple weeks ago. After falling in love with it and penciling down some numbers we realized it was a little beyond our means with where we are at right now with wedding season beginning to wind down next month. A few days later we received a call from the owner offering to lower the rent..hoping we could still make it work we threw out a number, it was too low which was completely understandable. It just wasn't meant to be, the hunt continues!! Dear office, someday I will have you. Until then, corner in our living room, you will have to do. 

Today I decorated for the fall season.

Ok, before you think I'm totally lame. I ALSO bought a new Pumpkin Spice candle. How you like them apples?! Fall decor complete. 

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