Monday, September 26, 2011

dreaming of offices

Nope, I still havn't given up. I've been dreaming again of having a room completely designated as a small office, and maybe a little guest room for friends :) Especially in these weeks when I am editing for hours straight. Oh, how I would love my little work space. Pinterest is giving me some inspiration for this future endeavor..

Right now all I'm thinking is PAINT!


Baby blues..

Greys..oh my!

any of these colors will do just fine. 

The new pad search continues...I am so frustrated with how expensive Orange County is. It's weird to think I've called this county my home for 4 years now so I really shouldn't be that surprised at the overall cost of living here. But knowing that we will continue to live in this area for a couple more years, I become more and more anxious to find a new place to call home. Maybe I can talk Paul into searching with me tomorrow? 

On a side note, with wedding season slowing down next month, I'm totally committed to finding my inner Martha again. Not like she was ever there to begin with. I'm beginning to re-search some DIY projects to do during my down time :) This website has been my haven

my first project! 
ceiling rosettes + paint. genius.

find more fun DIY wall art projects here!!


  1. i just totally love the room with the grey wall, and I really love the office and the room with the island. Great stuff. love your blog.