Monday, September 12, 2011

Not so much moving on.

Well... the move isn't happening quite yet :( and I was SO darn ready to move and all!! Away from "smoker's corner" and "the squirrel lady" <-- see recent Facebook status. Basically we are super bummed, me maybe more than Paul since I'm the one working from home a majority of the week.

We had looked at 3 condo's last weekend. One in Huntington (which was more in the ghetto part of huntington) it was complete with a backyard of a car dealership surrounded by barbed wire and all!  One in Irvine, which at first we loved and then decided we didn't love it as much as we began to pick it a part with everything we didn't like about it. And Lastly one here in Costa Mesa...which was absolutely perfect and we fell in love with but couldn't afford so let's not talk about it. So basically we are still on the look out and continuing to save our pennies for the right place :) In the meantime I guess I must continue to endure squirrel lady and obtain second hand smoke (i'm being totally over dramatic right now, whatevs).

In addition to working hard from home I'm really into stalking our future brides boards on Pinterest. I feel like I get a first hand experience with the wedding planning. So far, so good. To all our 2012 brides possibly reading this, now you know. Pin away!

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