Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Goals of the day.

Current to do list (aka goals for the day).

- Get outside.
- Go for a run.
- Buy more stamps.
- Do overwhelming pile of dishes in the sink.
- Get out a running shorts and t-shirt at some point.
- Take a shower. 
- Edit, edit, edit.
- Fold laundry.
- Make dinner. 

Notice that "get outside" is the first on my list is goals for the day. Yes, still struggling with that one. I've learned in the past 3 months that working from home presents a whole new set of challenges. Where most 9-5er's would stress about their daily commute to/from work and other various things, I have to remind myself to shower and get out of gym clothes and look somewhat presentable when Paul gets home from school. Ok wait, that sounded so 1950's. But seriously, when your husband has a surprised look on his face when you actually take the time to blow dry and style your hair for the first time in 2 weeks, somethings gotta give. Here's to daily goals and trying to achieve them. Maybe I'll blog tomorrow about how successful I was. 

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