Thursday, September 8, 2011

Moving on.

Well, things are getting serious. Paul and I officially began searching for a new place to call home this past week. With the amount of stuff from wedding gifts, to the recent equipment purchases, to just the fact that we are Americans and have 10x more "stuff" than we need, our home is starting to feel smaller by the day! Tomorrow we are checking out 2 potential places, both 2 bedroom condos, 1 in Irvine, 1 in Costa Mesa. We are so excited for this new venture, but it's scary having to sit down and re-budget the night away. Our current home has allowed us to live comfortably for the first year of marriage which has been undoubtedly a huge blessing. Knowing that things are going to be a little tight to accommodate for this bigger place definitely puts us out of our comfort zone. So the hunt begins!! Update soon.

P.S. nothing says "I'm sorry" like a bouquet of Trader Joes flowers. These came home with Paul this evening. I had to forgive him.

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