Tuesday, June 28, 2011

working hard for the money..

I really wish I had something OTHER than work to blog about..but seeing as how we are in the midst of wedding season, it's basically what consumes me life. It's going surprisingly well so far! I say that now but talk to me around Sept 29th when we've shot 20-something weddings in 16 weeks...I may be in a different frame of mind. All the sweet comments on our blog, facebook, twitter and heartfelt emails from our couples remind us daily of how much we love what we do.

Many of you have already seen this i'm sure..but last weekend we captured and witnessed McKenna and Derek Rishmawy's wedding day. What a blessing it was to see a couple who truly understands the sanctity of marriage and everything that God created it to be. Paul and I were so used to the typical wedding ceremony, vows, ring exchange, you may kiss the bride, done. Not this ceremony, the Gospel was preached and it was a beautiful thing!! I may have shed one or a few tears throughout their ceremony.

In other news, Paul and I remembered that a year ago today we came home from our honeymoon! It was a bittersweet realization..the final closure that our first year of marriage is over. I still want to be a newlywed!! Here are some pictures we were reminiscing on...


Lava flows were a big deal for me..

easily amused.

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