Thursday, July 7, 2011

what's new?

Our blogging life is lacking lately, lots has been happening I feel like! First off, hope you had a great 4th of July by eating an obscene amount of hotdogs and/or hamburgers ;-) Not us this year...we kept is classy by grilling tri-tip with Paul's family, 83 year old Grandma Elaine and her 90 year old friend Ida. One thing's for sure..we know how to party! It was an odd group, but great company. By the way, I totally wasn't bashing hotdogs or hamburgers..Paul and I eat hotdogs at least once a week. My body hates me for it. But other than that, mama Gilster went out of her usual way to make an over the top meal.


My mom on the other hand was celebrating being 50 years young in Vegas!! My mother...still 21 at heart. I just love her :) 

Mama Boyer on the left!

Other than it being hotter than you know what, Paul and I have become nocturnal. We refuse to sit at our computers editing and sweating during the day so we spend our days sleeping in and finding our way to the beach to escape the heat. Then from 6pm - 1am the work day begins. It's bizarre. I wonder what our neighbors think of us? Have a wonderful week!

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