Saturday, June 25, 2011

618studios. Growth.

So over the past couple months we swayed back and forth on the idea of hiring our first 618 intern for this summer. With 21 weddings spread out from June - October we finally came to the conclusion that the time has come, much sooner than expected but nevertheless it's here.

I just had to share this sweet email we received from a potential 618studios intern..It made my day.

_______________ here from _______ University, It has been really exciting to see from Facebook and Vimeo all the great memories 618 Studios has been capturing this past year. I would like to submit my resume to make myself available to all the great things happening at 618. I personally would love to learn the operations necessary to go from Pre-prodction to Post-production in the film/cinematography industry. As a student at _______ I have the urgency to put my knowledge to use in anyway possible. I know I can be of service in a range from customer service, paperwork all the way to editing. This opportunity would be a great help to my academic and personal career. So if there is anything that I can do I would love a chance to learn in such a rewarding and memorable business that 618 studios is a part of. Please feel free to look over my resume and contact me through email or by phone at ________

Super sweet, exciting things to come! :)

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