Sunday, June 5, 2011


My 22nd birthday was definitely sweet. Birthdays have been weird in the past couple years..On my 20th birthday Paul proposed, which was amazing don't get me wrong but the birthday-ness of the day was overpowered with the engagement bliss and the beginning of a new chapter. My 21st birthday I went to vegas and got smashed...ayyyeeee! Hardly. With our wedding less than two weeks away I barely remembered it was even my birthday month! June 18th was on the brain and June 18th alone. Adios 21st birthday!

This year I decided to keep it low key once again. Didn't plan any huge birthday bash but rather decided to spend it with those I love most, the fam! They came up, went to church together, gathered for a sweet lunch in San Clemente and the day ended with a killer hike. Radness. First though, a memory I will never forget.

Paul had decided the night before that he was going to wake up early to make me breakfast. Without waking me up and then surprising me with breakfast in bed. Well let's get something straight here, no one loves their sleep more than Paul Gilster, 9-10hours is about the sleep he averages per night, so when I say he wanted to get up early, we are talkin' 8:00am. So 7:30am I'm up and wired..laying in bed with my eyes wide open with birthday excitement. At 8:00am Paul rolls over to look at me, only to find my wide open eyes starring back at him. "Why are you awake?" "I dunno." "You're supposed to be asleep so I can surprise you with breakfast" "awww really?!?"...he rolls back over and out of bed.

20 mins later I'm greeted with this..

what a guy.

A little recap of the day!

Me and my Lauren on our way to lunch.

Balboa Island fun!

Got me some sunglasses!

friends that bring you birthday cupcakes on your birthday night are friends to treasure!

My mom says we look like sisters in this picture.

Birthday success :)

p.s. thanks to all for the sweet birthday shout outs and texts throughout the guys are so special! and I didn't realize how much of a commitment it was to say thanks to each one lol. But i'm glad I did!


  1. What wonderful day. I'm glad it was fun and special.

  2. Ahh I wish I could have been there to celebrate! I'll see you soon my Kellers!