Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So much.

So...I've been guilty of cheating. On Blogspot that is, I thought the grass was greener on the other side of Tumblr land..and I was wrong. Their fancy templates were deceiving and after trying it out for a few days I decided Blogspot was right for me!

Soooo....with THAT said, If you'd like to be updated on what has been happening in the world of Team Gilster click HERE. I suggest you might so that you understand what this next post is all about ;-) After spending 4 great days in anniversary bliss we were thrown back into the world of weddings, twitter, Facebook (which is always in my world), promos, you know real life. I started my first official week of self-employment which has turned out to be less scary and more exciting than I thought. This process of self-employment I've realized is less about choosing was a comfortable for you and more about surrendering to God and His ultimate plan. It has become obvious to us over the past year that He has us right where He wants us, and if that's what He wants then that's A-ok in my book!

I was completely planning on blogging about something else and now I'm way off track. Eh whatever. This will be a long one.


If you read our tumblr post about our first year, you'll have read that Paul and I asked each other a series of questions over dinner (at the melting pot, which I'll say again is not worth $90). If you want fondue, call me/text me we'll get together, grab some chocolate and melt up a fondue chocolate party at my place. boom. Well here are one of the questions we asked each other.

1. What have we accomplished in our first year of marriage?

We started a growing business, we learned how to maintain that business, one of us graduated from college, we bought a new(er) car together, we made it through the challenges of the first year of marriage.

Challenges?? What challenges? Oh there are challenges let me tell you! :) Trust me, girls who are reading this...when you are in your first year and marriage and trying to think of ways to lock your husband out of the bedroom because your door doesn't have a lock and you are so extremely upset that you want him to sleep on the floor in your living room? You're not the only one!! I tried everything...the the chair up against the door doesn't work for future reference. Yes, it's true, marriage isn't always staying up late watching movies, baking cookies together, having beach days, and sipping delicious morning coffee together..but sometimes it is and that's awesome. We've had a lot of struggles and learned much more about each other in the past 365 days than we had the first 4 years of dating, but it's been more of a blessing than a burden. And even when we do fight, which ALL normal couples do! It's times like these that make it all worth it...

p.s. If you'd like more Gilster 1 year stories...ask lol I'm sure you'll find them both relieving and entertaining ;-)

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