Thursday, June 2, 2011

Our offices this month {June}

Ahhh June, you are so lovely. Not me mention my favorite month for many reasons. Growing up it always signified the end of school, beginning of summer, and my birthday. Now, I also have another reason to look forward to it, it's the month of our wedding anniversary. :) Holla!!

Side note: We get this question allllll the time, "What does 618 stand for?" Some friends of hours guessed that it stood for a Bible verse...I wish it was that cool ;-) 6.18.10 was our wedding date. Paul came up with the name..Hey I guess I won't ever has the husband that forgets his anniversary!?

This month we have really fun weddings, 1 out of state and 1 here in good 'ol Cali.

#1. Portland! Holla (i'm really into saying holla these days)

The Grotto - Audrey + Curtis 6.11.11

They will tie the knot inside this beautiful church at The Grotto

is this little red chapel on The Grotto grounds not the cutest thing you've ever seen!!! I'm really eyeing it for their first look :) I know it's not our call...but if it were...
St. Anne's Chapel at The Grotto - Portland, Oregon


#2. Kindred Community Church - McKenna + Derek 06.26.11

This church actually has multiple ceremony locations on their grounds :)

loving all this green!!

Just wait till July we have SIX venues to share with you!!

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