Monday, May 30, 2011

Planning our anniversary

Paul and I are still in awe that nearly a year ago THIS happened!!

Over the past couple months we had been pondering on what we should do for our one year anniversary. We were thinking big...Jamaica may have been spoken of, i'm just sayin'. Paul even wanted to book the getaway all on his own and surprise me, so sweet...Well, this was also before my car died, forcing us to use the money we had saved up for an elaborate destination anniversary vaca for a down payment of a new car. Such is life it seems. So we scratched any out of country plans, or even any out of state plans and stated budgeting for a cali getaway.

First of all, we LOVE San Diego! We were both born and raised in good 'ol SD and even spent the first two nights of our honeymoon in San Diego before departing for Hawaii :) So while brainstorming one evening, Paul brought up the idea of staying in the same hotel we stayed in during our honeymoon. Boom. Loved it. We budgeted it all out, the price was right and we are really excited to spend time in La Jolla for our anniversary weekend. Since then, we've been making a list of "things to do" while celebrating June 17th - 19th.

1. Explore San Diego! - I say we were born and raised in San Diego, but really it's Valley Center where cows and chickens are raised. It's time to explore the cittyyyy!!

#2. Enjoy a delicious fruity drink/cocktail...and for Paul, a beer.

#3. Beach it up!!!

#4. Gorge ourselves at The Melting Pot - We promised ourselves we would go while we were on our honeymoon since it was walking distance from our never happened.

#5. Eat our anniversary cake!! -Okay so this is pretty neat. The bakery we got our wedding cake from will bake you a petite sized cake for your 1 year since they know a cake that has sat in a freezer for 365 days will be not so good.

That's what is on the list for now :)


  1. Happy Anniversary...LOVE the wedding picture!
    I hope whatever you have planned you have a nice time, i root for Jamaica, i love it there!!

  2. aww thank you!! Jamaica is a must go to for us!! someday...