Monday, May 30, 2011

if you live in a cave...

If you live in a cave (like me) you probably just found out a couple days ago that Kim Kardash. is engaged...say whaaaat?!? I know right..this is her rock.

Leave it up to the Kardashian sisters to have a "battle of the bling" contest.

Kim Kardashian's newest bling beats out sister Khloe's engagement ring, according to their family.

Also if you live in a cave you haven't seen the newest videos we have been blogging like hot cakes!

Hanh + Don!!

Amy + Chris!!

...and last but not least, Becca+Jeff's love story...which we've really proud of and excited with how it turned out!


  1. Hello, My name is Morland and I live in the cave next to you! I just found out yesterday while waiting in line at Target! I vote for Khloes bling!