Friday, May 27, 2011

A good friend

I wouldn't call myself an animal fanatic, but I guess you could say I'm an animal lover. Being a veterinarian's daughter I think that just comes with the packaged deal. I grew up with animals my entire life, maybe that's why I don't quite understand families that don't have any pets because my childhood was filled with hamsters, guinea pigs, horses, ponies, cats, dogs, birds, and chinchillas (i'm serious).  P.S. Don't ever have a chinchilla as a pet, they are horrible. I won't go into the details of each pet but Humpty Dumpty was my first hamster, Tilly was my first dog, and Red was my first pony. When Tilly was attacked and killed by a neighbors Rottweiler when I was in grade school, I was heart broken. A couple years later when I was 11, my mom let me get another Welsh Corgi which I named Lilly...I know Tilly, Lilly, so original.

Well on Tuesday I got a text from my mom saying that she was taking Lilly to the vet, she had been throwing up blood all night and it seemed like she may have cancer. Although Lilly was originally my dog, my step dad kind of took over the owner label while I was in high school and when I moved away to college. I didn't think I would be THAT heartbroken over it, but I was. I texted and called my mom all that day while I was at work to find out any news I could as the vet ran tests on my little Lillers (nickname). I was just waiting for the call when she would tell me that they would have to put her down. My immediate response would be to walk in the door when I got home and burst into tears telling Paul, "Lilly is dead!" I obviously don't cope with death very well...

Luckily, Lilly didn't die that day. The vets did find a mass in her stomach which is unknown but they supplied her with various meeds to help boost her immunity. I am so happy she is going to stick around for a little while longer. I love this dog!

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