Friday, May 20, 2011

life {in the now}

Tomorrow will mark 2 full weeks as a college graduate. I've been probably boasting about this more than I should, but it's truly wonderful!! The whole "training for a half marathon" thing hasn't quite happened yet, but I'm working on it ;-). I've actually decided to take it one step at a time and train for a 10k first. What is even more great is that Paul finished his finals yesterday meaning we are school free for 4 whole months, (well Paul is). I'm school free for however long I want to be (muahaha...), grad school just isn't looking too appealing at this point. Who knows?

Well before I was officially post grad I wrote this blog post about what my plan were after can read them here if you missed it. I tackled the question, "what are you doing with your life?" by addressing what my plans were exactly. Well, I guess I didn't succeed because I am getting the question non-stop lately!

"So Kelley what are you doing with all your time?"
"What do you do with your day?"
"So what are you going to do now that school is over." etc, etc...

lol to be honest, I kinda feel like people think I just sit on the couch watching re-runs of Dr. Phil and eating bon bons all day. For the record, I did watch Dr. Phil for the first time 3 weeks ago and I don't even know what bon bons are...Confession: I do watch re-runs of teen mom's a great form of birth control and limits my baby fever (not that I have it or anything...). I'm actually quite productive, I would drive myself crazy if I wasn't. 618 is picking up now that wedding season is upon us and it's just going to get more and more crazy in the months to come. We are even contemplating hiring an intern to help us out! This is our schedule for the next 6 months.

May:: 2 weddings, 1 love story.
June:: 3 weddings, 1 love story, 1 promo
July:: 6 weddings, 1 love story
August:: 3 weddings
September:: 6 weddings
October:: 4 weddings.

Whew!! Basically my iMac and I will be spending a lot of time together this summer! So to answer the question, "what are you doing with your life?" I'm still babysitting 15 hours a week on the side and maintaining 618 when I'm not :) I recently was texting with a friend who asked, "So how does it feel to be in the real world?" I responded with, "it's great, except I don't feel like I'm in the real world because I love my job too much." She wrote back, "that's the way it should be!" and she is exactly right ;-)

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