Wednesday, April 6, 2011

events of all sorts.

It's only April 6th but I already feel like this month is getting away from me. Although we aren't shooting any weddings or love stories, this month has become devoted to friends and family time (Paul's birthday, friends bridal showers, friends bachelorette parties, a family vacation, double dates, all that jazz, whatever that means)...It nice to take a small break from work to invest some time with the ones you love :) This weekend some friends and I will be celebrating the bridal/lingerie shower of this beautiful lady!!

Julie and I at my own Bachelorette party (hence the crown) last year.

Julie and Nick are getting married next month and although we won't be able to make it because we are shooting a wedding on their big day, Paul and I will be there in spirit!! Pics to come of course :)

Also this weekend I will be speaking at a DSLR workshop at Vanguard. A professor of mine asked me to speak/answer questions of the overall video workflow of using DSLR cameras.

I'm beyond nervous and even nervous just talking about it so I'll just let you know how it goes next week..It's kind of like how I felt when my prof asked me to lecture in front of a group of Sophomores X 10 because I was told alumni will be there. (gulp). Just pretend like they are all in their underwear right? All the info is there so if you are free we'd love for you to stop in and say hello. It's open to everyone, not just Vanguard Students and Alumni.

On to Sunday...we get to finally be guests at a wedding again!! Yayy...I have kind of missed this. It has been 8 months since we attended our last wedding as guests. So a quick trip up to Oxnard, Ca it is! 

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