Thursday, April 7, 2011


Today started off as one of those know where nothing goes as planned and life is not so fun? I look forward to my Thursdays. Thursdays for me = no work (babysitting), no internship, no alarm, no nothing. It's a beautiful thing. So I started off my day great. Paul and I slept in and I got up to make us pancakes for breakfast (a rarity). I walk into the kitchen, open up the pantry and I'm about to pour the pancake mix into a bowl when I notice there are bugs in it...yes and they were crawling. I will spare you anymore details. So no pancakes (strike 1). Next, I get a phone call from our bank, we overdrew in our checking account on accident, AWESOME. (strike 2). Then I settle for a cup of coffee for breakfast and sit down to check my email. I was greeted with a lovely email from a guy who ordered one of my school textbooks. Apparently I had accidentally sent him the wrong textbook and apparently it was the end of the world in his eyes because he threw a fit (strike 3). gaaahh. Needless to say, I was not a cheerful morning. So as I got into my car frustrated and angry as I drove to the post office to send drama queen his correct textbook I turned on The Fish (a Christian radio station) yes it's cheesy, but I love it anyways and listened. They had a speaker that was talking about the challenges that we are faced with daily and how God used those challenges to strengthen us. BINGO. So although the day was starting off horrible I forced myself to change my attitude and open myself up to what God was showing me. Even in the most stressful days, God's blessings are still there. As I got home I checked my email again (because I have to check it like 20x a day) and we had received an email for a new wedding inquiry and for a love story. Thank you Lord. :)


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