Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I ain't no teacher.

This semester I decided to take it easy after writing my senior thesis in the fall, therefore being a T.A. (teacher's assistant) seemed like a promising option. Yes, I am fully diagnosed with seniorits. 46 days baby!  However, I actually really enjoy teaching. Do I think i'm gifted at it? No. But I hope to be..I am so inspired by cinematographers/photographers who host weekend workshops for those thirsty to learn all their tricks and habits. Paul and I hope to someday do that with 618studios. After we learn all the tricks and habits of course...I feel like we are still learning so much more each day!

Well..last night after class I went up to my professor (who I also TA for Tuesday nights) to ask him what time I should come in the next day. He said that he was just going to lecture so he didn't need me and then the question came... "Hey how would you like to do a lecture on your business in the next month or so?"

what? Immediately panic mode set in as I answered, "that would be great." When I'm actually thinking...

"What would I talk about?"
"Would the students even find it interesting?"
"What if they think i'm an idiot?"
"What if my chest starts getting all red and blotchy like it does when I'm nervous (I better where a turtle neck)?"

Seriously all those questions and more began running through my mind. I then asked my professor what he had in mind for what I would talk about, the technical side of the DSLR world? "No, more like the components of starting a business, how to interact with clients." gulp.

I came home and immediately told Paul the news. Needless to say...we are both nervous and down right scared to lecture in a room full of sophomores. Well....a date hasn't been set yet, but I'll let you know how it goes!!

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