Monday, March 21, 2011

1 year.

Even though our one year anniversary its still 3 months out, We've been planning. About a month ago we had all these great, fantastic, fun ideas that ranged from celebrating in San Fran, Hawaii, Mexico, New York, or the Caribbean. Then, we decided we needed to make some business investments instead and let me tell you video equipment isn't cheap (you probably could have guessed). So we put our plans for our anniversary trip on hold and I kind of just gave up on it, thinking maybe we could spend the day with our families, keep it simple.

Well That was until Paul made a sneaky 'lil comment today...

Paul: "So what's our budget for the anniversary trip?"
Me: "Oh, I didn't think we even had a budget for one?"
Paul: "What if i'm planning it?"


I'm wondering what he has up his sleeve? We shall see.. Here are some pics from our Honeymoon :)

We look like total honeymooners...I know

Dang it feels good to be a gangsta.

tough guy.

Paul Gilster...

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