Friday, March 4, 2011

A fun little deal.

This past week Paul and I have been re-constructing 618's packages, (more like arguing about it). "I want package 3 to include this, no I want package 3 to look this way!" Hey, we're a husband+wife team, it's bound to happen. Anyways, since the 2012 wedding inquiries are beginning to hit the inbox we decided it was time to do so :) We also have decided to include a fun little deal for all our couples who book with us in the future. I wish I could take credit for this masterful idea, but our friends over at Lunchpail Pictures actually told us about this idea!

It's no surprise that wedding videography has been painted in a bad light over the years, I think it became popular in the 90's and then never really made its way from the 90's as far as style wise. It can become a big pile of cheese fest. Good news however, with the rise of Canon's 5D, 7D, T2i, and 60D, which all shoot full 1080i HD, it has given wedding cinematographers so much more to work with, Hallelujah! ..let me get to my point finally, Wedding cinematographers and photographers have this reputation in the industry of hating each other, where's the love? Actually I don't blame them, they probably had a bad experience and got burned by one or two "over the top, high-horse, I think i'm all that in a bag of potato chips" videographer at one point. And if people think I'm kidding, we still have couples who ask us, "now, you aren't going to fight with the photographer are you?"

Now we have began this offer because we have worked with rad photographers and not to rad photographers, and since we work so closely with the photographer on the day of, we'd love to work with people who we know, love, and work awesome together :) So....drumroll please....along with our new packages, if any of our future couples book any one of these insanely talented photographers, they will receive 5% off their wedding cinema package!! Check 'em out and drool over their great work :)

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