Thursday, March 3, 2011

Facebook cleanse.

I'm not gonna lie this is a little bittersweet for me. And trust me, I have spent some time contemplating this decision overall, probably more time than I'd like to admit merely because how overly addicting Facebook is and how much time I spend on Facebook daily, it's hard to let go of the things that takes up so much of your life...i'm sure many of you are with me on this and if you aren't, you're in denial.

Now I'm not doing this because I want to make a stand or be the outcast or whatever people may call it, I have decided to take a Facebook cleanse for awhile to cleanse myself from the junk and drama of Facebook, if you don't want to agree with that statement, again you are in denial, cuz it's there. I don't know how many times I have heard someone say or have said myself, "Oh my gosh yeah I saw it on their Facebook page!" Pictures of so and so getting trashed at a party last weekend, oh my gosh they broke up, is she really pregnant, seriously the list could go on.  Let's be honest, yes Facebook is a "social network" created to reconnect with people, but what are our own personal motives to spending so much time on Facebook? Is it to reconnect with people or is it to nit pick and get the dirt on every bit of their lives? Cuz I'll be honest here, that's what Facebook has led me to do. I'd honestly say that 80% of the drama in everyday life comes from something Facebook related, it's kind of out of control lol.

Also, this cleanse is kind of a test of friendships as well. Sometimes I begin to wonder, "If I didn't have a Facebook would we still be friends?" Facebook has allowed people to form such casual friendships, I'm looking forward to maintaining friendships by actually giving/receiving a call to/from a friend rather than writing on their wall. I'm not going cold turkey however, I've decided to keep our business Facebook so we can continue to share our work and maintain relationships with our couples :) We'd love if it you guys kept in contact with us that way or through our Twitter I'm not really sure how long this cleanse will go for, it could be a few weeks or a few months, but I'm ready for a break. Also, I will be updating this blog often so check in when you can, I'd love to keep in touch with you all!

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