Wednesday, March 2, 2011

our offices this month :)

Have I mentioned how much we love our job? It is hard to even call it a job. Sometimes Paul and I randomly have moments like..."high five for having the best job everr" we had lots of those moments last weekend while we were in Colorado. Especially when we ordered room service in our gorgeous hotel room overlooking the rocky mountains, it was kind of surreal. Anyways this month is all about Winery weddings!!! Temecula here we come :) we have 2 weddings lined up in good 'ol wine country this month take a look at our "offices for the month."

Steve and Tania's wedding will be at Gershon Bachus Vintners Winery (wow, what a mouthful). I'm not really sure why where is a white mercedes in the background? I don't ask questions. 

Holla for Keyways!! Our next Winery wedding this month. This venue is near and dear to our hearts..why?

It's where we got hitched.

say hello to Kelsey and Trevor! Our MOH and Best man.

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