Monday, March 28, 2011

5 years ago.

5 years ago I got a call from Paul from an In-and-out burger while he was eating with friends after youth was a Wednesday night, he asked me to be his girlfriend. While we were running errands today I noticed that tomorrow was 3.29 (our pre-wedding anniversary)...Although this is the first year we won't be celebrating like we used to (fancy dinner or a fun date night) now that we have a new anniversary to look forward to each year, tomorrow will still be a great day :)

Dear Paul,

Thank you for making that call, which i'm sure your friends put you up to. It changed my life. Here's to 5 years of memories together :) Starting off with my favorite picture of us of all time.


  1. You guys crack me up. Congratulations on 5 years together!

  2. Happy anniversary Paul & Kelley!