Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday, Friday.

It's Friday, Friday...and yes I'm quoting Rebecca Black's one hit wonder. If you haven't heard/seen it first of all you live in a cave and second of all you gotta watch it here. I will make your day!

This weekend Paul and I are heading down to our hometown to visit our families/shoot a wedding. We love shooting weddings in San Diego because it gives us a chance to always stop in and say hello :) So to good 'ol Valley Center it is! We can't wait...I especially love when we get text messages from Lauren and Jared (Paul's siblings) asking us when and what time we will be home...I guess you could say we're the cool older siblings ;)

or maybe they just think we're special?

Anyway, we have a busy weekend of shooting both a wedding and love story, many of you guys have probably read that for this wedding we will be heading back to the venue where we tied the knot. We haven't been back since our wedding day..memmoorriiesss. Cannot wait to capture Jennifer+Mike's special day at Keyways Winery

Next, we get to shoot these love birds love story!!! I absolutely LOVE shooting love stories. They are casual, fun, and it's a great time to get to know our couples more and for them to get more comfortable in front of a camera. It's a win win :) 

Blessings! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend.

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