Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hot bod.

I'd like to say that I like to stay in shape and take care of myself...but ever since the wedding I have had ZERO motivation to maintain a workout routine or to eat decently..it's bad. I am too much in love with bread (especially bagels) and need some drive to work it off. My new years resolution was to run 5x a week...that lasted a total of 2 hours. So with summer around the corner and with Paul's anniversary surprise coming in June I have found SOME motivation to whip this bod into shape!! Wish me luck!! If anyone knows of some great diets (ones that don't starve yourself, because I can't do that) I would appreciate it!!


  1. Hey Kelley! Don't know if you still want a diet, but the one I had when I was training for dance was a nutritional diet. I ate every four hours the a meal the size of the palm of my hand and only ate good things (aka: wholegrain, fruits, veggies and protein) So I would have a salad or a half a sandwich and I not only felt great but lost a ton of weight. Also, the workout time for this diet was only 30 mins a day (though I usually did more). As I lost weight I was allowed to eat bigger meals and go back to normal (but still eat healthy for the most part). So yeah hope all is well!