Friday, February 18, 2011

Wedding 411:: Venues

Paul and I have learned sooo much about weddings in general over the past year, first with planning one, next with working in the wedding industry (a whole new world)! I think it is safe to say that Paul knows more about weddings then the average girl, and I think he is ok with that ;) haha. We both love everything about it, except for the occasional bride + groomzilla. But it's all good! One of the things that I never realized even while planning our wedding is the importance of a venue.  The venue is so much more than, "oh hey this will look good for pictures." It depicts the couples style and character. There are so many types of weddings, farm weddings, beach weddings, country club weddings, private estate weddings, hotel weddings, winery weddings, church weddings, etc and each one sets a different tone. Here are a few venues we will be working at this year, our so called, "offices for the day." Enjoy! And if you have time, comment on your favorite :) If you like what you see, click on the picture to see more photos by this wedding/photographer!
Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Rancho Las Lomas

Condors' Nest Ranch


McCormick Ranch Home
Soka University
Strawberry Farms

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