Saturday, February 19, 2011

He loves the movie "The Notebook"

My husband is such a funny guy...

#1. I think he loves/appreciates trendy weddings more than I do.
#2. He has picked out my outfit for the day on numerous occasions.
#3. He knows about every bit of wedding etiquette out there.
#4. I have caught him on wedding blogs before..(if only he was this into weddings when we were planning ;)
#5. I know he has an appreciation for the store Anthropologie (although he'd never admit it).
#6. Play Natasha Bedingfield's song "Strip me" at any time of day and he will rock out.
#7. He loves the movie "The Notebook"

Another funny fact - it also bugs Paul that I don't like drinking wine (we got married at a've heard him say things like, "It depresses me that we have all these nice wine glasses, but we never use them," and more recently, "let's be classy by drinking wine while watching the notebook." LOL should I be worried? I don't think so :) He's just a great guy. Paul, I love you and have loved being your wife for these past 7 months, it really has been an amazing journey.


  1. creepily enough, I think our husbands would be best friends. well, at least classy wine-drinking buddies!

  2. haha well at least they are classy together!