Friday, January 28, 2011


Gah...I really need to keep up with this thing, I'm horrible at remembering :)

January has seriously flown by!!! Paul and I started our spring semester (my last may I add), so things have been a little more busy, and by busy I mean "structured" I can no longer have days of doing absolutely nothing, I actually have to juggle school, internship, senior project, nanny, and 618..whew! I just got tired thinking about it. Although I may have a lot of my plate, I find that I actually become more driven when I pile it all on my plate like a good Thanksgiving dinner plate :) To be honest, I feel like i'm going to get lazy when come May I don't have school or senior project or internship. I will just shoot a wedding ever weekend to make up for it!!

Next month will be such an awesome adventure!! Paul and I are shooting our first out of state wedding in good 'ol Colorado! ahhh i'm seriously so pumped for it :) Many pics to come following out trip out to Colorado Springs!

Stay blessed.

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