Thursday, January 20, 2011

a {bit} of love.

Today was a great day :) most are. I found out that i'm going to be the new video intern for 31bits. I could not be more stoked! I absolutely love this company and what they stand for. When becoming a film major, I knew that LA was never my calling and to be honest, I'm totally ok with that! I can't wait for what these next few months hold for me as I begin my internship with them :)

Also, today 618 was featured on one of my favorite wedding blogs, Wedding Chicks. Although i'm married I still check my favorite wedding blogs daily. It fun to see what is new and popular in the wedding industry. Let me tell you, coming into this industry I never knew how huge it is!! It's seriously awesome though getting to know new contacts and the awesome people within it. The Lord has really been allowing us to meet great people in the past few months, we are truly blessed.


  1. glisters, what's happening?? sweet blogger dogger

  2. stoked your on the Bits team!!! :) cant wait to watch your videos for them!! xo