Sunday, January 16, 2011

all the small things.

Seriously. These past 7 months of marriage have flown by and to be honest it feels like we have been married for 7 years (in a good way!). Marriage really was not such a shift for me as weird as it sounds. Moving Paul in after our honeymoon felt totally normal..i guess that's how it should be.  Well, over these past 7 months Paul and I have been making some pretty large decisions, starting a business, maintaining it, keeping up with school, keeping up with our apartment :). And as much as we LOVE our apartment, we can not wait to be home owners in the near future, that is why we have set a goal of 3 years.

Move to San Diego and own a home in 3 years?!? wooooo! There are many things that must fall into place for this huge milestone to occur but we are confident that we can do it! I'm not too picky, just somewhere safe, quiet, and homey. Exciting times!!


  1. Totally do able! Alex and I own our home, it took a lot of hard work, lots and lotsvand did I mention lots of savings! And an open mind! Our house was boarded up! Haha I struggled with spending our life savings on a boarded up house when I held a newborn. But god did us well! Dream big sister!

  2. thanks for the encouragement morland!! :)