Friday, January 7, 2011

home, sweet, home.

Eversince becoming a newlywed (just 7 months ago) I have been dreaming of the day when Paul and I purchase our first home, don't get me wrong apartment living has been both fun and entertaining. However, I feel that a home brings out more of a couples style..therefore I have been grabbing pictures and ideas here and there for what our future home looks like. Of course I went straight to to fulfill this project. I present to you the future Gilster home! lol

I couldn't choose which I liked better so I decided I would like both..

I know that Paul and I want a large Family so this 4 person round table would not due, but wouldn't it be cute as a kitchen table? Maybe this one in the kitchen and a larger one in the dining room...yes? ok cool.

I'm kind of obsessed with the idea of having an old fashion trunk serve as a coffee table...
and I have the problem of not adding enough color to a room (which I have found in just decorating our apartment) so I thought this aqua blue coffee table was equally amazing. can't tell me these vintage keys aren't to die for...i'm in love with them!!

and I will leave you with that for now....more Gilster home planning to come.

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