Saturday, January 8, 2011

He is good.

In about 48 hours from now I will begin my last semester of my college career. I would like to say its bittersweet, that I will miss the college life, but its just sweet, forget the bitter. I have really enjoyed my time at VU, but I'm sure I will enjoy my time as a college graduate so much more! Just reflecting on these past 6 months has been overwhelming, the Lord has truly provided so much in mine and Paul's life and it has been an amazing experience to watch the growth of our relationship with Him together.
Just the other day I was looking at our wedding schedule for 2011 (14!!) and watch as the inquiries seem to be not trickling but flooding into our 618studios inbox I cannot help but recognize that this is God's will. Paul and I often use the phrase "Jesus loves 618, if Jesus had a Facebook, He would be a fan." Meaning that He has a plan for our still infant of a company and we are so excited to follow it.
Therefore, I just wanted to offer some words of encouragement to all follows or guests reading this:

Don't be afraid to allow the Lord to redirect your life because ultimately it is for the best. And most importantly, it is for His glory. Take it from the girl who is afraid of any type of failure out there, who thought to herself before purchasing a large investment of equipment for our business back in the summer and said, "ok this could take off, or this could totally not work out and be the worst investment I have yet to make." I was literally terrified. Yet, in spite of my fear, I was at peace knowing that the Lord was in control, that if He wanted this to be used for His glory that it would, and if not then that's ok because it was not from Him. Therefore, I just really encourage you all to take chances, follow dreams, and not be afraid to fail because the Lord is sovereign, good, and mighty and He will truly bless your venture if He finds fit.

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