Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Valentines in Nashville

Paul and I don't have the best Valentines track record...we plan something one year, forget about it the next or try and throw something together last minute. Haha, I guess you chould say it's not much of a priority holiday for us. Best case scenario for us is when something is already planned by someone else! Insert Pauls Cousin's wedding engagement party, perfect!! Why did I cross out wedding? Well...there's a little story behind it.

Around Christmas-time, we got word that Paul's cousin would be getting engaged and married the next year.  She had been dating her boyfriend for 8 years so it was definitely coming. Soon enough, we heard that they would be throwing an engagement party back in Nashville on February 14th, very exciting! Now...they said engagement party, but because a majority of the family live in California they had to let us in on a little secret so we'd make the trip out. They would be surprising all their other friends and family by getting married at the party!

We flew out a couple days before the wedding engagement party and helped with all the final details plus setting up the morning of. One of my favorite memories was romping around the huge ranch they live on and gathering clippings, flowers and branches for the centerpieces. It was so fun to work in a different area of the wedding industry that day! We were even the photographers, which I was super nervous for but it all turned out much smoother than anticipated.

The party started out just as any engagement party would, Christi and Kyle in regular clothes, thanking people for the congratulations and then about an hour in they disappeared to change into their wedding garb. Everyone was so excited and happy for them. Such a fun day!

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