Monday, November 17, 2014

Print your photos!

I love instagram and love out of the box ideas when displaying photos around our home. So with that said, when printstagram was introduced to me I was real excited. You can do mugs, T-shirts, flipbooks...basically the possibilities are endless. It's so easy, the print quality is great and the price isn't all that bad.
(Below) I had this old 30"x22" frame in our garage. It's actually 1 of many frames we used an our wedding to display escort cards so it's a little sentimental. I went to IKEA and found curtain wire to cut and string as rows for the photos. Also, I purchased these curtain hook/clips that you see to hang all the instagram photos! Ikea...the answer for so many home projects.
I love the way it came together! These are just half of the photos that I purchased from prinstagram so maybe there will be another project to come now that we're in our off season. Now go check prinstagram out and get printing!! Could be the perfect Christmas gift!

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