Monday, November 24, 2014

I'm Kelley, and I love thrift stores

I posted a little about my thrifty ways a while back and shared in inner goal of trying to keep my everyday outfits under $100, total. 80% of the time I can do it and I'm always so proud of myself for that. Recently, I've because very inspired by two girls Danielle & Alexa who started Hello Mrs. Blog. Their instagram account is awesome too as they break down their entire outfit and the total cost. Most of the time it's even less that $75! They have great style and I respect that they can look so fashionable while keeping to a practical budget. I've noticed in many of their post that they purchase a good amount of their clothing second hand from Platos Closet. You may have one near you, it's a thrift store that buys/sells gently used clothing.'s.awesome!! Seeing all these cute items from Plato's I paid a visit to one near me and may or may not have gone back to back days because I was so in love. This jacket was one of the new things I snagged (and for $14)! I'm going to love it this Cali winter.
Outfit details
Jacket // Forever 21 $14 (thrifted)
Shirt // Madewell $26
Jeans // TJ-maxx $30
Sandals // Target $15
TOTAL - $85


  1. I never seem to have any luck in thrift stores... your $14 find looks great!

  2. I love this outfit in so many ways!!! The jacket brings me back to my childhood, but it looks so reinvented and stylish on you! Lovely blog girl :) Now following you on gfc!