Friday, November 21, 2014

Herb garden design

A little while back we visited a nearby nursery and brought home a plethora of herbs. We covered all our bases from dill to basil and then they sat there on our patio for days...both Paul and I searched high and low for ways to display and grow our herbs. Of course I wanted a creative yet thrifty way, while Paul wanted a sturdy and none budget friendly way :) Story of our marriage guys, story of our marriage. We eventually met in the middle and made a home for our herbs. I snapped some pictures of the building process if you want to make one of your own too!

So first things first, we found a ladder trellis at home depot (Couldn't find exact online but similar HERE). We cut it down to the size we needed and decided to leave it natural looking!
Once we had the right size, we (I mean Paul, all I did was snap photos *wife of the year award*) began working prepping the pots. Paul found that these Everbilt S clips fit well around the trellis wood and I really liked the look of these IKEA pots and they were .99 so there's just no arguing with that.
With a hammer and nail we made 4 small holes in the bottom of each pot so that the soil could breath and drain properly when watered. A larger hole was also made near the rim of each pot, just big enough for the S clip to fit so that pot could hang!
At this point all the hard work was done, we finished up as we planted and hung them all! Super simple project and inexpensive too. Aside from purchasing the herbs, the whole project ran us about $30 and only took an hour tops. Below is the final product!
Our  buddy Kean even gave his stamp of approval. We're pet-sitting him for the week!

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