Monday, November 3, 2014

Hey Monday. How you doing?

Monday's are kind of my favorite. Weekends are always jumbled over here in the Gilster-hold and something about Mondays always brings me back down. Today started like every other Monday for us, a little slow, but semi productive. We rise around 8am, Paul starts on the coffee, I start on the emails. 30 minutes later we meet up in the living room for an episode of Barefoot Contessa. Yes, we're 40-somethings, trapped in 20-something bodies. If you are over the hill like we are, and love cooking shows, you must give Barefoot Contessa a shot! She's our fave. Then we break for work, office for me, dining room for Paul (you know how we can't work in the same room) and stay there until lunch. Monday's aren't too bad around here, especially after the first fall-like weekend of the year! It rained ladies & gentleman. In the words of Paul's grandma Elaine, "praise ya Lord, thank ya Jesus." 

It started Friday night and then again on Saturday morning. There's not much in life I love more than falling asleep AND waking up to the rain. Once it stopped, I went out for a Saturday run (Oh, I started training for my next race last week) around our neighborhood. The air was so fresh and it smelled incredible outside! I also surprised myself with a quicker time than normal.
Later that day, my brother and his girlfriend came up to hang out, we went out for BBQ and relaxed at home listening to the "Thanksgiving day" Pandora station (I pushed for Christmas music, I really did) and playing Jenga. And finally on Sunday we made it to church and was invited to a friends for dinner. With halloween out of the way I'm fully ready for some turkey!!


  1. good for you going for a run! i sat around with a sugar hangover, yuck!

    1. I've been there too many times to count!