Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy hosting // cheese board (part 1)

Part 1? Yes part 1. I started on this post and realized halfway through writing that if I included everything there was to say about a good cheese board I would leave you quite overwhelmed. So part 1 today, part 2 tomorrow!
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 I've always been a huge cheese fan. It's probably the best thing on this entire planet! Gimme cheese with everything and on anything, I love it all. A couple years ago, when I began to host more; I started getting into cheese boards. Hosting Tip: One thing I believe every gathering should have is snacks/appetizers. Even if you are serving a huge dinner shortly after your guests arrival, it's always courteous to have something for them to nibble on. You never know how hungry your friends will come or if your perfectly planned dinner will surprise you in taking longer than expected.

With appetizers and cheese at the top of my list it's enviable that I love a good cheese board. And not just a good one, but one that is pretty and has a lot of variety. Now, there are many opinions out there of what a cheese platter should consist of, I've heard...something soft, something hard and something blue...Something sharp, something nutty and something fresh, etc. With all the "rules" aside let me go through a few of my favorites.

Brie (soft & delicious)
Goat (fresh & popular)
White Cheddar (sharp & enjoyable)
Parmesan (hard & strong)
Gruyere (Sharpe & similar to cheddar)
Toscano (rich & creamy)
Smoked Gouda (bold & safe)
Roquefort (sour & blue)

Okay so if you're a cheese lover like me this next bit of advice may be difficult to accept. Only choose 3 cheeses as the base of your cheese board. If you want to get wild or are hosting a group of 12+ go with 4, but it's important to not overwhelm your guests and their palettes. This may not seem like enough but trust me, there's so much more you can add as compliments to these cheeses that will keep your company satisfied. 

Cheese board compliments
Meat and cheese go together like bread and butter, some of my go to's are prosciutto (light & salty) or salami (tough & flavorful). For something sweet...add fruit to your board, fresh or dried work well. Crisp apples, figs or grapes make for a refreshing compliment and dried cranberries and/or apricots are a great...I also sometimes live wrapping sliced figs in prosciutto! It's simple and pretty on your table. For something salty/crunchy add a handful of salted almonds or cashews here and there! Once you have gathered all the goods for your perfect cheese board it's time to arrange and and tricks for this coming in part 2. Stay tuned!


  1. Love this! Cheese is totally my jam - seriously so yummy!!

    1. I can't get waist like begs to differ ;-)