Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When my husband cut me off from having friends.

The title sounds harsh but let me go back to the beginning here...I've always been an extrovert. I love including everyone, being part of a community, planning gatherings…in a nutshell, I recharge my batteries by being around others. That's actually how introverts and extroverts are defined…by asking the question, "how do you recharge your batteries." My husband is the complete opposite, his idea of a relaxing and "battery charging" evening is a night at home, away from others and that's totally ok. It's only taken me 4 years to "get it" and still we struggle with our differences. There have been weeks recently where we hang out with a different friend/couple/group of people each day. For me it's great, my batteries are fully charged and ready to go but sadly my husband's are drained.

So when I recently started reaching out to another couple in hopes of a new friendship Paul spoke up, "Kelley, no more friends, we can't have anymore friends, we have too many already." He was half joking/half serious and I laughed about it, my husband was kind of right. But then again, can you ever have too many friends? My extrovert-ness says no but when I sit back and look at the big picture I don't want to spread myself too thin and risk not being a great friend to the ones I already have! How do you feel about it? Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?

Yesterday we went to an impromptu happy hour in Laguna Beach. This place is so amazing, half priced drinks on a rooftop while overlooking the ocean? I'm in! I love this picture that our buddies Troy & Aimee snapped of us.


  1. My husband has said that to me many times. I'm actually more of an introvert, but I love spending time with friends as well, but he's tried to stop me before haha! It actually does make you think. Oh marriage ;)

  2. Same!! Craig is exactly like Paul....and I love hanging out with lots of different friends and sparking all the friendships!! Craig is so content on the couch watching movies and eating icecream and drinking a beer which I enjoy too sometimes but not all the time!! :)