Friday, October 24, 2014

Palm Springs weekend-ing

This weekend ends our busiest work month of the year with a wedding at The Parker in Palm Springs! Super excited for this one, I've always wanted to go to this hotel! Maybe someday we will plan a short trip out to stay there instead of work there :) We head out this afternoon to stay at the Hotel Lautner tonight so that we don't have to make the long drive tomorrow morning. It's less of a "hotel" and more of a boutique inn, only 4 rooms total and designed by architect John Lautner. Paul and I are kinda artsy so we are all into that stuff, haha. I hope it's as beautiful as the pictures!! I'll be sure and take some of my own to share next week.

Hope you all have a great weekend! I don't have much else to share but here's a recent wedding film we did, enjoy!!


  1. I want to get married again just so you guys can be our videographer.
    Maybe at our vow renewal for being married 5 years :)