Sunday, October 12, 2014

Growing up and buying artwork?

Yesterday started off as a normal Sunday, we barely woke up from a work wedding hangover, made a pot of coffee half awake and got ourselves to church. Afterwards we planned to pick up a couple groceries and carne asada from the store; which then turned into shopping at 3 separate stores and more than just a couple groceries. Tell me we aren't the only ones this happens to! Then came home ate lunch at which point I decided to take a stroll to TJ-Maxx. I love TJ-Maxx so much and apparently I spend more time there than I thought because an employee told me at checkout that she knew I was an active shopper here and sees me quite a bit. Not going to lie I felt a little judged. So ya really, I love TJ-Maxx.

I really came in just to waste time in the afternoon before having friends over for dinner. I tried on a couple pairs of pants, nothing to write home about so I moved onto the home section. As I browsed the aisles aimlessly I made my way to the clearance section in the back (Yes I shop the clearance, TJ-Maxx employee, so there's that) and walked past a piece of artwork that caught my eye. It was halfway hidden behind another piece, "Oh that's kind of pretty," and I continued on. After nothing in clearance sparked my interest I found myself back at the art piece, just looking at it. I searched for a price, asked an employee about it and moved on. Until….until. I started getting possessive about it. Seriously it was the strangest thing, I've never cared about art pieces but the moment I started getting jealous of other people walking around and looking at it too I knew I really liked it!!
So I went for it! It's taller than I am so let me tell you, that walk up to the register was interesting. I remember at least 3 people asking me if they could help out. "No, I got it, thank you!" ...As my arms were semi shaking and I may have been breaking a sweat #gettinginthatcardio. Leaving TJ-Maxx with artwork in hand? A first for sure. Not going to lie, I felt super grown up about it. Our very first art piece!

Oh and I went for these leggings too! They are wild/crazy and not the most flattering on my thighs. Unless you are a size 0 or blessed with toothpick legs I don't think patterned leggings are anyones best friend, but hey they are fun and I love them. Soooo let's wear them proudly ladies!!
Happy Monday!


  1. Hahah this totally made me giggle because I do the SAME thing at TJMaxx!! There is one right next door to my husband's work, so that never helps! I want to see more pictures of the artwork…it looks amazing!!! xoxo

    1. Sometimes you can't help but find yourself in a TJ! Okay I'll post a few more later this week!

  2. You are hilarious!
    That artwork is beautiful! And don't be ashamed to be a local TJ Maxx celebrity ;)